Prepackaged Security Firewalls

Protect Your Enterprise Information Assets
for as little as $1,000

Jet.Net has cost-effective security packages for safe, private Internet access. These packages work with the Ascend Internet routers we support to keep the riffraff out of your enterprise network while letting you freely connect to the Internet. Using a multi-protocol bridge/router operating at up to T1 speeds, the Ascend Secure Access Firewall protects your proprietary enterprise network. Nothing crosses the veil between your private and public networks unless you specifically allow it, giving you both protection and accessibility. Because our firewall solution is implemented in the router hardware, rather than software running on a general purpose computer, it's much more reliable and secure than firewalls assembled from off-the-shelf computers and software. The FlashRAM-stored firewall logic is extensively tested by the manufacturer before release, and can't be altered except by you. The firewall software is NCSA Certified, assuring you of a high standard of quality and protection.

ISDN Package: $1,000

Frame Relay Package: $1,500 Monitoring Package: $250 setup, $100/month